How Does The “Rocking Bed For Adults” Work?

Try a Rocking Bed to Sleep Like a Baby

You may be asking yourself “how does the rocking bed for adults work? Numerous studies have shown that getting quality sleep leads to a happier, healthier life. Restful sleep can help lower stress levels, restore a youthful glow and increase your mental acuity, among other things. If you’re looking for ways to improve your sleep or your overall life, try rocking yourself to sleep at night with a rocking bed.

Why Are Rocking Beds Better For Sleep?

Have you ever been lulled to sleep by the swaying of a hammock, boat, subway car or bus? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, science tells us that we’re basically just giant babies when it comes to how we can get the best night’s sleep. Babies often have the best, most restful sleep of all, and much of that is thanks to the rocking they receive from their mothers.

Before you call your mom and ask her to start rocking you to sleep again, you might want to consider a rocking bed instead. These devices have been shown to significantly improve the length and quality of your sleep.

Researchers have found that the swaying, back-and-forth motion of rocking has an interesting effect on your sleep. Even people who rated themselves as “good sleepers” experienced a much easier time falling asleep, and the scientists noted a serious boost in deep sleep brainwaves.

Our bodies are hardwired to be calmed and soothed by the rocking motion of our mother’s arms, so it only makes sense that adults can be swayed to sleep in a similar way.

What is a Rocking Bed?

A rocking bed is exactly what it sounds like. It is a special, motorized device your mattress sits on that has been designed to mimic the gentle, calming rocking motion of a mother’s arms in order to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

How Does a Rocking Bed Work?

The rocking bed is powered by quiet, state-of-the-art motors that provide a small amount of soothing, calming, back-and-forth motion. The device itself is designed to move with the push of a button to provide you with more restful sleep. The best part is that the mechanism works with your existing bed frame, so it is a cost-effective solution to getting a better night’s sleep.

Do I Have to Buy a New Mattress?

You can use any mattress you would like to with the rocking bed frame. It is recommended that you invest in a quality, comfortable mattress to go along with your new rocking bed, but there are no special requirements.

The rocking bed is designed to be as simple and affordable as possible, so it is compatible with any mattress that would normally fit on whichever bed size you purchase. You also don’t need a box spring, so purchasing a new mattress or switching over your current one is even easier.

Can I Adjust the Rocking Motion?

Yes, the rocking motion is adjustable. The frame comes with a simple controller that allows you to adjust the motion up or down according to your preferences.

Can I Turn the Motion Off?

If you prefer to sleep on a stationary bed, you can absolutely turn the rocking motion off entirely. Many people prefer to turn the bed off when they get up in the mornings to preserve the motor as well. This can also be done with the provided controller.

Is This Bed Safe For My Family?

Rocking beds are completely safe for you, your pets and even small children. The bed frame comes with a sturdy, fitted cover that makes it incredibly difficult for anyone, including sneaky pets and little ones, to get near the rocking mechanisms and “pinch points.” As long as the frame remains wrapped in the provided cover, it is safe for you and your whole family.

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